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Birth is offering funding for projects that aim to improve the treatment of people undergoing assisted reproduction techniques (ART).
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We’re dedicated to doing things differently.

Birth is a project by Theramex. We’re a global speciality pharmaceutical company solely committed to women’s health, with a medicine portfolio covering contraception, fertility, menopause and osteoporosis.

We’re committed to furthering knowledge and treatments in fertility-related conditions. We’re always looking for new approaches and new angles.

Part of this commitment involves funding research in reproductive medicine. Doing this leads to improved understanding, more treatment options and ultimately, better outcomes for everyone.

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Current projects

In 2019 we received over 35 applications from 16 countries across Europe, and the Birth Grant Review Committee are pleased to announce that 5 research projects have been awarded the 2020 Birth grant. The academic standard of applications was very high, and the successful projects were chosen based on their merit, innovation and feasibility, and are aligned with our overall goal of improving fertility treatments.

We’ve seen the journey through their eyes.
And the eyes of a healthcare provider.

Now it’s time for a fresh pair of eyes.

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We’re looking for thinking that can change lives

After a successful year of applications in 2019, we are pleased to reopen the Birth grant initiative for 2020 applications.

If you’re a researcher or clinician in Europe and are working in a reproductive medicine academic unit, or in an ART clinic or research centre, you can apply for a Birth grant or support for an Investigator Sponsored Study (ISS) in two steps:

1 Download the form 2

Send the completed form to, including the CV of the lead investigator and the details of your organisation, plus any other supporting material.

The topic

Improving the treatment of people undergoing assisted reproduction techniques (ART).

The grant

The chosen proposals may receive up to €50,000 a year, for a maximum of 3 years.

If your proposal is selected to receive a Birth grant or support for an ISS, an appropriate contract will be set up detailing the terms and conditions of the funding.

The total amount of funds per year is limited, so if your proposal is rejected due to that reason, please indicate whether you wish it to be considered for the following year.

Key dates

  • Submissions open
  • Submissions deadline
  • Proposals awarded

Entry requirements


You’re eligible for a Birth grant if:

  • You’re a researcher or clinician
  • You’re based in Europe
  • You work in a reproductive medicine academic unit, ART clinic or research centre

Unfortunately, the following aren’t eligible:

  • Individuals
  • Patient organisations or charities
  • Projects aiming solely to purchase materials or equipment
  • Funding for ongoing studies or research

Funding criteria

Funding is dependent upon various factors including (but not limited to):

  • Innovation
  • Project feasibility
  • Merit of the proposal
  • Duration of the proposed study
  • Availability of funds

Requests for a Birth grant and ISS support will be reviewed and evaluated by an internal scientific/medical committee based on pre-defined criteria, the most important of which are listed above.
Please note that only applications requesting a grant of up to €50,000 a year for a maximum of 3 years will be evaluated.

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